Gal Arnon

Ph.D. Student
Computer Science, Weizmann Institute
gal.arnon [at]

About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, where I am jointly advised by Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute) and Eylon Yogev (Bar-Ilan University). My interests are at the intersection between cryptography and theoretical computer science. I am especially interested in understanding the power and limitations of probabilistic proof systems.

I completed my master's degree at the Weizmann Institute in 2020 under the supervision of Guy Rothblum and my bachelor's degree in computer science and electrical engineering at Tel Aviv University in 2017.

Listen below to an interview Giacomo and I gave on ZK Podcast where where we discuss the STIR protocol. (Also available here.)


  1. Hamming Weight Proofs of Proximity with One-Sided Error

    Gal Arnon, Shany Ben-David, and Eylon Yogev.

  2. IOPs with Inverse Polynomial Soundness Error

    Gal Arnon, Alessandro Chiesa, and Eylon Yogev.

    FOCS 2023  

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